Generate a line art Gcode from an image. (in 3 steps)

The gcode will be used by your 3D printer with an attached pen to draw out the line art.
In order to be able to draw a line art with your 3D printer you need to find a way to attach a pen or pencil to your 3Dprinter

Image type  Size:-
The application accept Jpeg,jpg,png and the size of the image must be within (700x700) pixel, 120kb, this gives a print size of 190mm x 190mm, which is the standard on most 3D printer.

Step 1: Upload your image

Step 2: Enter your parameters

Pen lift height (mm):

Line art space (mm):

Draw speed (mm/s):

Step 3: Enter your Email address

Your Email :

You will get an email with the Gcode attached, processing time depends on network speed and how busy the server is.

If you do not receive a message within a few minutes , please check your Junk E-mail folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, mark the message as Not Junk, which will allow future messages to get through.