Universal 3D printer WiFi Module


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Plug this Awesome!! Module  into your printer via USB and enjoy the benefits of wireless 3D printing. Control your printer from any web enabled device and even monitor your 3D printer from anywhere! Compatible with TEEBOT, TEEBOTMAX TOPEEDOBOT and most reprap style 3D printer.

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85,00 € tax excl.

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Package Content

  • 1 x  5V, Plug In Power Supply, 2.5A.
  • 1 x  Kingston 8 GB MicroSDHC SD Card.
  • 1 x  Raspberry Pi 3 !!.
  • 1 x  micro usb cable.
  • 1 x  Pre loaded SD card.
  • 1 x  USB WiFi Module.

Setting up Instruction

it is recommended that you create an account on  astroprint.com and connect you WiFi module to your account on Astroprint.com to enable all the features, including remote monitoring.

First Time Setup

1) Plug in.

  • Plug the power in on your Box.  You do NOT need to plug in a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

2)  Boot up.

  • Wait for it to boot up.  This may take a few minutes.

3)  Connect.

  • a) Using any wifi enabled device (phone, tablet, or computer) search your available wifi networks.  The AstroBox will create a network called "astrobox."  Connect to that wifi network.  Note:  You do NOT need to log into your AstroBox operating system to do this.  You should use a separate device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • b) Open the browser of your choice (Chrome and Firefox are our favorites.)
  • c) Go to

4)  Get Started.

  • Follow the prompts in the setup wizard to finish your set up. (See video below)

5)  Have fun with it.


  • a) Tell all your friends how amazing it is.
  • b) Facebook and Tweet about how cool it is.
  • c) Print your heart out!


Send Great Content Directly to Your 3D Printer.

Slice models and start prints from any enabled device, Laptop, Tablet or smart phone.

Monitor your Prints.

Connect your AstroBox Wifi to AstroPrint.com and monitor your prints from your network or anywhere on the web. Even change temperatures, pause, or cancel prints.

Simple Printer Control.

Control your printer with a phone tablet, or computer with our beautiful and simple control interface.